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How to use the Discovering Poetry Project

The welcome page features 'Bessie' and 'Jessie' the highland cows.

Jessie begins the program and Bessie

takes you to the teacher support section.


Introduction to the five senses


The program begins with a series of short introductory movies intended to stimulate the child to observe his/her surroundings.

The movies explore the meaning of the 5 senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound, and each movie can be controlled by

the teacher/ child and can be easily replayed.

Explore the Habitats

The children are then encouraged to browse various natural habitats ‘discovering’ the various, 'inhabitants' who live within. Various, rollover and, pop up events occur during this process which are intended to further stimulate awareness within the child.

Sound effects and text bubbles are also incorporated.

Write your own Poem

A 'write a poem' button consisting of a piece of paper and a pencil is featured on each habitat.

This takes the child to a page which features a choice of eight, ‘inhabitants’ or, ‘items’ to write a poem about.

Each selection generates a worksheet which is printed out. The screen shot of this is shown on the left.

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